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Thursday, 14. May 2020, 12:30
St. Charles Hall Meggen, Rittersaal

The String Quartet in the 20th Century

11.00 Uhr | Introductory talk by Professor Marina Frolova-Walker (in English)

Igor Stravinsky (1882 – 1971)
Concertino for String Quartet (1920)

Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 – 1975)
String Quartet No. 11 in F minor, Op. 122 (1966)

Guillaume Lekeu (1870 – 1894)
Molto adagio sempre cantante e doloroso (1887)

Maurice Ravel (1875 – 1937)
String Quartet in F major, Op. 35 (1902/03)

This imaginative programme of quartet music revels in contrasts. A rare gem from the little-known Belgian composer Lekeu (who died at the age of 24) looks nostalgically to the past, while Stravinsky’s Concertino does everything it can to undermine the normal character of quartet writing: instead of a harmonious conversation between friends, he gives us grinding dissonances and violent disruptions. Shostakovich’s Eleventh Quartet takes a few faux-naïve tunes and transforms them into something sinister, grim or caustic. This dark mood is dispelled by Ravel’s masterpiece, whose tender strains alternately soothe and excite, invoking a sunlit and sensuous world reminiscent of Monet’s paintings.

Lunch: 11.30
Before the concert a buffet lunch will be available.
CHF 30 (4 variations incl. 1 drink)

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