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Sergei Nakariakov

Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Debüt bei Zaubersee: 17. Mai 2020

Sergei Nakariakov, the israeli-russian trumpet player, has established himself as one of the most thought-after trumpet players on the international stage.

Gifted with a rare combination of stunning virtuosity, a suave and velvet-toned sound and a deep sensitivity he was named as “The Paganini of the trumpet” and “Caruso of the trumpet”. Nakariakov has single-handedly brought the flugelhorn to prominence on the concert platform. He has developed long-standing relationships with many of the world’s most respected leading orchestras, conductors and musicians.

Born in Gorky Nakariakov began to play the piano when he was six years old, but moved on to the trumpet, a change of direction in which he was supported by his father, Mikhail Nakariakov, who has transcribed many classical concerts for the trumpet and created a unique repertoire for Nakariakov. He gave him his technical knowledge and helped him to develop still further his exceptional feel for music.

Sergei Nakariakov plays on instruments by Antoine Courtois, Paris.